Creme dell'Artigiano Gold
The smooth and extra-nutty crème that loves the oven

Seduce your customers with the smoothest hazelnut filling for your pastries

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Creme dell’Artigiano Gold

Spoil your customers with an abundance of hazelnut taste.
Creme dell'Artigiano Gold may definitely become your n°1 pastry filling in cold pastries. It can even be baked along in rolls, buns, croissants and Danish pastries and gives them a heavenly smooth, indulgently rich hazelnut centre. The paste is very easy to use: just soften slightly before piping it into your pastry crusts, rolls, buns or tartlets. With its unique recipe – rich in hazelnuts – Creme dell'Artigiano Gold easily resists oven temperatures up to 200°C. The paste keeps its smooth mouthfeel even after baking and doesn't dry out. What's more is that Creme dell'Artigiano Gold is free from any hydro fats.
Creme dell'Artigiano can also be used for glazing cakes and pastries – after slight heating to max. 40°C.

Where to find Callebaut?

Smooth and sensational baking paste with intense hazelnut taste.

How to use

Just soften before piping it in pastries or doughs, or before glazing.

Main features

Resists oven temperatures up to 200°C.

  • 17.8%Hazelnuts
  • 41.8%Sugar

Available packaging

  • FNN-Q8038-T06
    10kg bucket

Order code

  • FNN-Q8038-T06 | 10kg bucket

Shelf life

  • 12 months