Callets™ Sensation – Marbled
The brilliant chocolate pearls no-one can resist

A sensational decoration. Irresistible for snacking and repacking.

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The availability of your Callebaut products may be affected due to a halt of our production site in Wieze Belgium in June.
This means that certain products may be low or out of stock and delivry times may be extened.
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Callets™ sensation Marbled

100% chocolate pearls with extraordinarily high gloss.
Take Callebaut®'s Finest Belgian Dark and White Chocolate, mix and craft them patiently in copper panning drums into beautiful marbled pearls with a delightful gloss. That's what Callets™ Sensation are all about. They bring great taste, high gloss – fully naturally obtained, without shining agents – and elegant looks.
Callets™ Sensation are perfect for finishing your pastries and desserts – or for snacking. Serve them on the side with drinks or re-packed in your personalised packaging. Who can resist?

Where to find Callebaut?

Shiny pearls in a mix of dark and white chocolate.

Main features

Crafted in Belgian dark and white chocolate.

  • % min. Cocoa0
  • % min. Milk0
  • % Fat36


Patisserie & Dessert

Ice creams & sorbets

Available packaging

  • CHM-SC-WD-U70

Order code

  • CHM-SC-WD-E4-U70 *Callets™ |

Shelf life

  • 12 months


  • KD-

* This code may not be valid in your country. Please get in touch with your commercial contact.'