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From farmers, buying clerks, roasters to bakers, pastry chefs, chocolatiers and everyone in between: we are a proud collective! And we are all united by or passion for chocolate - yet, let's focus on the start of the story. Allow us to introduce you to our farmers. Great chocolate can only start with their passion, dedication and motivation to grow us the best grades of cocoa beans.




From cocoa farmer to training coach in the field: great chocolate starts with their individual efforts to grow high quality cocoa beans. In Ghana, we partner with 6 cocoa districts – representing almost 10.000 dedicated cocoa farmers.

They work thousands of miles away from the homes of chefs and artisans – but, we’d like to make you acquainted with the face and voice of farmers in different regions in Ghana.

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Location of plantation: Oda B district & Anamase A district
Harvest /year: 21 bags/year
Crops grown: cocoa – cassava – plantain – cocoyam 


“When I inherited the cocoa plantation from my father, the trees were in bad condition. I decided to handle things differently than my dad, so I started to learn. Thanks to the Cocoa Horizons programme I learned how to revive my trees. After one year the trees started to reward me with more and better cocoa. Being a farmer is a lot like carpentry. You have to put love in a piece of wood to really make something beautiful out of it.”

Joseph Fenteng – Cocoa Farmer & carpenter




Location of plantation: Assin Breku & Assin Achiano – Assin District
Harvest /year: 20 bags/year
Crops grown: cocoa – cassava – plantain 

“The training programme of Cocoa Horizons offered me the opportunities to learn and grow into a better farmer. I became an expert in pruning which has improved the crop yields over the last years. But also the crop quality has changed for the better. The premium I earned on top of the farmgate price helped us as a family to overcome some financially challenging times. Farming has become a real business and a sustainable source of income for our family.”

Naomi Applah – Cocoa Farmer, mother of 3




Location of plantation: Assin Breku & Assin Achiano – Assin District
Harvest /year: 12 bags/year
Crops grown: cocoa – palm nuts – plantain 

“My first dream was to become a banker. But during my studies, I discovered another love: farming! When I inherited the cocoa farm, I didn’t doubt for a second. I’ve started rejuvenating the farm a few years ago – replacing old and sick trees with new ones. And applying better, modern farming techniques I acquired in the Cocoa Horizons training. I must admit it’s tough being a cocoa farmer – simply because it is not an easy crop. But with the right knowhow, and the right care, it pays off! The plantation looks healthier than when I started. The trees thrive and the first planted trees start bearing fruits already.”

Elijah Danso – young cocoa entrepreneur





Farmer-Member of cooperative: Dechem A
Location of plantation: Agyemankrom – Goaso A district
Size of plantation: 2.4 ha 
Harvest /year: 1250 kg 
Crops grown: cocoa – orange – avocado

“Being a cocoa farmer was tough, especially during the first years. But with the help of the Ghanaian Cocoabod and Cocoa Horizons coaches it has become a lot easier for me. Their recommendations and advice really work and pay off. I’ve seen my crop yields grow and become better. And that provides my family with a better income.”

Michael Addai – cocoa farmer