Sponge, cakes and biscuits

Sponge, cakes and biscuits

The softness of the mousse or bavarois layers in a cake is often emphasised by contrasting them with interleaved layers of sponge. You can adjust it to taste using Callebaut cocoa powder and chocolate powder, bringing a new intensity to the taste and adding richness to the colour. 

Adjusting the taste of a sponge with chocolate is not advisable if you are looking for a very light texture. The cocoa butter in the chocolate avoids the biscuit's airy texture to develop during baking. This is permissible however with certain special types of biscuit like Sacher sponge, where it produces an exceptionally rich sponge with an incomparable, intense chocolate note. 

For a particularly attractive and surprisingly crispy effect, try working a quantity (±10%) of heat resistant chocolate drops into the mixture at the end of the preparation. They withstand the oven heat and fill the biscuit with small pieces of crisp chocolate. They can also be added to cookies and cake mixtures.

Which Callebaut products are best suited to flavoring biscuit, cake and cookie mixtures?

1. Chocolate
Sponge, cake and cookie mixtures can be flavored with chocolate. Dark chocolates with a high cocoa content, like those in the Origine and Finest Selection range, are particularly recommended. We advise against the use of milk or white chocolate. Their higher fat content may hold back the rising of the mixture or hinder aeration during baking.

2. Heat resistant chocolate drops
These are ideal for the preparation of airy biscuits with an intense chocolate note, and they give a pleasing crunchy effect to the mixture.

3. Powders
For the lightest sponge, the mixture can be adjusted to taste with Callebaut cocoa or chocolate powders.

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