Crèmes and crémeux

Crèmes and crémeux:

Endless variations are possible with crèmes and crémeux. In essence we are dealing here with preparations where an anglaise or (whipped) cream plays the starring role, with added flavouring, for example from chocolate. Mousses differ in that a crème is fuller and smoother and lacks the aerated structure typical of a mousse.

Which Callebaut products are best suited to the flavoring of crèmes and crémeux?

1. Chocolate
All chocolates in the standard viscosity (), dark, milk or white, are suitable for flavoring crèmes and crémeux. Note that some chocolates give a more balanced or more prominent taste picture. Ideally you would compare the different types against one another to establish a favourite taste, or to select the ideal combination with your other ingredients.

2. Even more imaginatively
Crèmes and crémeux with unique taste profiles are possible using the flavoured chocolate varieties (cappuccino, caramel or honey), coloured and flavored coatings (strawberry, orange or lemon), gianduja chocolate, nut pastes (hazelnut or almond)... 

* See our product information pages on this website for further details of these products. 
* There are many other possibilities using crèmes and crémeux on the recipe pages.  

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