In theory, a distinction is made between mousses and bavarois because of the difference in their methods of preparation, but in practice the two often merge.
In fact, in their efforts to achieve an ideal texture or consistency, some chefs and patissiers prepare their mousses partly on the basis of a bavarois recipe (or vice versa). 

According to the theory, a bavarois is based on an anglaise: boiled milk or cream (with vanilla or cinnamon or other spices) is poured over beaten yolks. The mixture is further beaten and then heated to 85°C. Pureed fruit or chocolate and gelatine are added, and after an initial cooling the bavarois is aerated with lightly beaten whipping cream. When allowed to stiffen in the freezer or refrigerator the bavarois acquires its characteristic creamy, airy texture. 

A classical bavarois, in contrast to a mousse, may be prepared using white chocolate using the same method as with dark or milk chocolate. The proportions of the ingredients may need a little adjustment, perhaps using a little less sugar for example. You will find reams of examples on the recipe pages on this website.

Which Callebaut products are best suited to the preparation of the bavarois?

1. Chocolate
The Callebaut range offers an ample choice of chocolates for the preparation of bavarois. Any of our chocolates in the standard viscosity () will produce outstanding results, and for characteristic or balanced tastes we advise that a variety of chocolate types should be tried and tested out, in combination with the other ingredients of your patisserie or dessert.

2. A little more fantasy
A bavarois with a unique taste profile can be created using also the other products in the Callebaut range: there is flavored chocolate with honey, coffee or caramel, coloured and aromatic coatings with strawberry, orange or lemon, gianduja chocolate, nut pastes with hazelnut or almond, Crème à la Carte...

* See the product information pages on this website for further details of our products. 
* If you are looking for recipes for bavarois you will find a broad range of possibilities on the recipe pages. Click on Search using bavarois and chocolate. Since mousse and bavarois recipes are used interchangeably by many chefs, you may also like to search on 'mousse'.


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