Spraying the surface cakes and pastries


* stainless steel plate or paper
* cocoa butter
* chocolate
* airbrush with compressor
* cakes/pastries at deep freeze temperature
* stencils with globules, boxes or line motifs

Step 1

Mix cocoa butter (50%) and milk or dark chocolate (50%) and let them melt at ±40°C. Mix them well together. Cool to 35°C and pour into the airbrush container.
If you want to spray with a white chocolate, you need to change the proportions slightly: 60% white chocolate and 40% cocoa butter. White chocolate is always more fluid than the other types of chocolate.

Step 2

Place the deep frozen cake on a grill rack.

Step 3

Put paper or a stainless steel plate under the grill rack because the spray can easily spread around.

Step 4

If you want to put motifs on the top of the cake, place a stencil on it. You can make your own stencils by cutting them out of stiff plastic foil. Of course, you can simply spray plain areas without a stencil.

Step 4 Step 4
Step 5

Spray from about 40 to 50cm away from the top of the cake or the edges.

Step 5 Step 5
Which Callebaut products are best suited to this?

For this type of airbrush work, you'll need cocoa butter as well as chocolate:
* Cocoa butter Callebaut CB.
* Chocolates: all chocolate types with a total fat content of 35% (cocoa butter and milk fat) are suitable.

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