Ready-to-use glazing


* ready-to-use dark, milk or white glazing coating
* grill
* receiving bowl
* (deepfrozen) pastry
* small palette knife

Step 1

Place the grill rack over the receiving bowl.

Step 2

Place the (deepfrozen) pastry on the grill rack.

Step 3

Warm the ganache to 35 to 40°C.

Step 4

Pour the ganache over the pastry first. Begin in the middle and go to the edges until the whole upper surface is covered and the ganache flows down below.

Step 4 Step 4
Step 4 Step 4
Step 5

In one gentle movement, scoop away the excess ganache with the small palette knife. Repeat this movement once if necessary.

Step 5 Step 5
Step 6

If you are using pastry that is not deepfrozen, immediately leave it to cool in the refrigerator. We advise " in working with coatings " to cool them fast after application. This enables the coating to develop a perfect sheen.

Which Callebaut products are best suited to this application?

Within the Callebaut Crème Dell Artigiano range you'll find the ideal glazing coatings, prepared with vegetable fats other than cocoabutter. Their excellent taste, beautiful sheen and distinct colour make them extremely attractive in glazing pastry. Available flavours differ from extra-bitter chocolate, hazelnut, almond to dark or white chocolate.

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