Praline 'Fermentation' 200 chocolates of 6-8 g each (Created by Josep Maria Ribé – Callebaut Chef - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Spain)

Balsamic vinegar reduction

Ingredients Preparation
500 g balsamic Modena vinegar
250 g glucose syrup (DE 40)
Mix both ingredients and boil up to 50/55 Brix.

Yoghurt ganache

Ingredients Preparation
275 g water
60 g glucose syrup (DE 60)
45 g invert sugar
20 g sorbitol
2 g citric acid solution
10 g Citras (Albert y Ferran Adrià texturas)
Mix all the ingredients and heat to 40°C.
650 g white chocolate Callebaut® Velvet
80 g yogurt powder YOPOL
Melt the white Velvet chocolate and emulsify with the previous mixture. Add the powdered yogurt and mix with a stick blender to ensure all ingredients are perfectly combined. Dispense at 29°C.

Colouring the mould and assembly

Ingredients Preparation
350 g white chocolate Callebaut® Finest Belgian Chocolate recipe n° W2
150 g cocoa butter Callebaut® NCB-HD03
Melt the cocoa butter and the chocolate at 45°C. Mix with a stick blender to ensure the ingredients are homogeneously combined.

Spray the chocolate moulds with this mixture to obtain a thin layer of pre-set chocolate paint.
With a brush, and once the paint is set, generously sprinkle each mould with gold powder, scraping off any excess.
White chocolate Callebaut® Finest Belgian Chocolate recipe n° W2
Line with the tempered Callebaut white chocolate couverture.
Once the chocolate has set, scrape the mould to trim off any excess chocolate and create a perfect mould.
Dispense 2 grams of vinegar reduction into each mould.
Dispense 5 grams of yoghurt ganache on top of the reduction.
Set aside for a few hours before sealing the mould with tempered Callebaut white chocolate.
Unmould the chocolates.

"For many of the ingredients we consume, fermentation is a natural process which helps us develop aromas and flavours, and sometimes even contributes to preserving foods.
Cocoa happens to be a food which requires fermentation to bring out its full flavour potential in chocolate.
For this recipe, we used two ingredients which also undergo fermentation in their processing and production. This will help us bring out flavours of fermentation in our chocolate."

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