Praline 'Cocoa Mass' 200 chocolates of 6-8 g each (Created by Josep Maria Ribé – Callebaut Chef - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Spain)

Coffee and cocoa paste ganache

Ingredients Preparation
320 g Espresso coffee
8 g milk protein
Mix the two ingredients and whizz with a stick blender to make sure the milk protein is properly hydrated.
200 g glucose syrup (DE 60)
60 g invert sugar (Trimoline)
45 g sorbitol powder
Add and dissolve the sugars in the coffee and heat to 35/40°C.
275 g cocoa mass Callebaut® CM-CAL
275 g dark chocolate Callebaut® Single Origin Brazil
250 g liquid anhydrous butter
Melt the three ingredients at 40/45°C and add the previous mixture. Create a perfectly smooth and homogeneous emulsion by blending the ganache with a cutter or stick blender. Allow the ganache to cool to 30/32°C and dispense into the mould.

Colouring the mould and assembly

Ingredients Preparation
300 g dark chocolate Callebaut® Finest Belgian Chocolate recipe n° 70-30-38
8 g black liposoluble food colouring
Melt the couverture and cocoa butter at 45°C. Add the colouring and mix with a stick blender to ensure the colouring is homogeneously mixed.
Spray the chocolate moulds with this mixture to obtain a thin layer of pre-set chocolate paint.
With a brush, and once the paint is set, generously sprinkle each mould with silver powder, scraping off any excess.
Dark chocolate Callebaut® Blend of Origins Kumabo
Line with the tempered Callebaut® dark chocolate couverture.
Once the chocolate has set, scrape the mould to trim off any excess chocolate and create a perfect mould.
Dispense the ganache into each mould.
Set aside for a few hours before sealing the mould with tempered Kumabo dark chocolate couverture.
Unmould the chocolates.

"Cocoa mass or cocoa liquor is the start of every chocolate: it is the pure essence, very powerful in taste. I wanted an ingredient like coffee whose bitter taste complements the already potent flavour of cocoa mass to achieve a not-too-sweet ganache with all the power of cocoa. A chocolate which perfectly reflects the potent flavours of cocoa mass with the sensory subtleties of cocoa."

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