Let’s Stick Together Smashed pralines (Created by Philippe Vancayseele – Head of the Chocolate Academy™ Centre in Montreal – Canada)

Banana ganache

Ingredients Preparation
180 g cream (35%)
250 g banana purée
15 g sorbitol powder
2 pieces of nutmeg (ground)
A pinch of Penja black pepper
Boil together.
280 g milk chocolate Callebaut® 823
270 g dark chocolate Callebaut® 811
85 g
Add together and pour boiling mixture on top. Emulsify.
40 g Jamaican rum Add and leave to crystallise. Frame 6 mm thick and leave to harden in refrigerator. Cut into 22-mm squares.

Finishing and presentation
Enrobe 8-10 pieces of banana ganache with dark chocolate Callebaut® Single Origin Brazil CHD-Q68BRA, but disable the enrobing belt from time to time to make the fillings cluster together just before enrobing. Decorate praline clusters with different cut-outs of a variety of transfer sheets and leave to crystallise in refrigerator. Remove transfer sheets, cut praline clusters into different shapes and rearrange at random.

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