Fashionable saga Gaga’s purse (Created by Philippe Vancayseele – Head of the Chocolate Academy™ Centre in Montreal – Canada)

Cocoa nib tuiles

Ingredients Preparation
150 g sugar
3 g pectin NH
Mix together.
100 g butter
50 g glucose
90 g cocoa nibs Callebaut® NIBS-S Warm up and add. Leave to simmer over a low heat for 5 minutes. Pour required quantity in an oval shape on Silpat and bake at 170°C for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and create tuile-shape with metal bar.

Rolled pâte à choux dough

Ingredients Preparation
190 g milk (3.5%)
140 g butter
Boil together and remove from heat.
190 g flour Mix in.
230 g egg yolks
140 g whole eggs
Mix in carefully.
340 g egg whites
160 g sugar
Whip together and mix into previous mixture.
160 g Callebaut® Finest Belgian Chocolate Recipe n° 70-30-38 Chop up and mix into previous mixture. Bake at 180°C for 12-15 minutes.

Raspberry confit

Ingredients Preparation
150 g raspberry purée
150 g whole raspberries (frozen)
50 g glucose
65 g sugar
Mix together.
7.5 g pectin NH
25 g sugar
Mix in and bring to a boil.
30 g lemon juice Mix in and store in refrigerator.

Chocolate crémeux

Ingredients Preparation
320 g cream (35%)
320 g milk (3.25%)
Boil together.
90 g whole eggs
70 g sugar
Mix together and add. Heat up to 85°C.
130 g g dark chocolate Callebaut® Finest Belgian Chocolate Recipe Power 80
170 g milk chocolate Callebaut® Finest Belgian Chocolate Recipe Power 41
2 gelatine leaves (hydrated) Add and emulsify. Leave to cool in refrigerator at 4°C for 12 hours.

Finishing and presentation
Apply some gold dust to the surface of the folded tuiles. Use a round cutter to cut circles out of a slab of choux pastry with the same thickness as the opening of the tuiles. Cover the sides of the dough circles with a thin layer of raspberry confit, followed by a layer of chocolate crémeux. Freeze and cut the dough circles lengthwise when they’re still half-frozen. Place these slices inside the tuiles. Use nozzles to mould small chocolate cones, cover them with gold dust and stick them onto the choux dough.

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