Lollymanon (Created by Alexandre Bourdeaux and Patrick Aubrion - Technical advisor - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium)

Base: fresh vanilla Manon cream

Ingredients Preparation
375 g cream
1 vanilla bean
Boil the cream with the vanilla bean. Take away from the heat and leave to Infuse with the vanilla for at least 10 minutes.
190 g fondant sugar Pour the hot cream over the fondant sugar and beat up at medium speed.
190 g butter
(ambient temperature)
As soon as the temperature has dropped to 45°C: add the butter under continuous beating at low speed until the mixture separates. Then shortly beat at high speed until the cream is light, smooth and homogenous.
Weigh off and divide in 3 parts: 200 g each.

Raspberry Manon cream

Ingredients Preparation
250 g raspberry jam
150 g sugar
10 g lemon puree
Mix together and bring to the boil at 104°C. Leave to cool.
200 g fresh vanilla Manon cream Mix in 50 g of the raspberry cream.

Chocolate Manon cream

Ingredients Preparation
20 g extra-bitter chocolate Callebaut® 70-30-38 Melt at 45°C.
200 g fresh vanilla Manon cream Add and mix together.

Finishing and decoration

Use silicon Manon-shaped moulds. Pipe the fresh vanilla Manon cream in 1/3 of the mould shells. Pipe the raspberry Manon cream in 1/3 of the shells and the chocolate in the remaining 1/3. Stick lollipop sticks in the middle of each shell. Leave to harden in the freezer.

Unmould. Enrobe each lollipop with white chocolate Callebaut® Velvet and place them on corresponding tricolore striped white chocolate rounds: raspberry filling on red striped rounds; fresh vanilla filling on yellow striped rounds and chocolate Manon filling on black striped rounds.

Leave to harden and present in a lollipop-display.

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