Decomposed Colourful tablets (Created by Philippe Vancayseele – Head of the Chocolate Academy™ Centre in Montreal – Canada)


Ingredients Preparation
Spray different tablet moulds Callebaut® MLD-090045 with cocoa butter-based colouring, created with IBC Power Flowers™. Finish off with a layer of white-coloured cocoa butter (to create contrast) and leave to set. Mould tablets with milk chocolate Callebaut® Single Origin Arriba. When the chocolate starts to set, use a stencil and a toothpick to cut it into different but equal shapes for each of the coloured moulds. Leave to crystallise and unmould. Mould a thin chocolate bottom for each of your previous mouldings, leave to crystallise and unmould.

Blood orange and saffron ganache

Ingredients Preparation
150 g cream (35%)
20 g sorbitol powder
25 g glucose
250 g blood oranges
QS saffron
Boil together.
325 g milk chocolate Callebaut® Single Origin Arriba
325 g milk chocolate Callebaut® Single Origin Java
50 g unsalted butter Add and emulsify. Leave to crystallise on stainless steel tray and pipe spherical shapes into chocolate moulds.

Finishing and presentation
Assemble tablet pieces immediately after piping, creating a mix of different colours and shapes.

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