Strawberry salad (Created by Eddy Van Den Langenbergh - Teacher VTI -Spijker in Belgium)


Ingredients Preparation
100g milk
100g cream
Mix and bring to the boil
150g marzipan (50/50)
50g egg
Soften the marzipan by mixing with the egg. Mix with 1 part of the cream / milk mixture. Add the rest of the cream / milk mixture. Heat to 85°C
10g gelatine Mix in and leave to cool until it starts to set
250g cream Whip the lightly sweetened cream and fold in

Cointreau syrup

Ingredients Preparation
250g water
375g sugar
Mix and heat until all sugar has been solved
50g Cointreau (40°C) Mix in

Chocolate mousse

Ingredients Preparation
800g Chocolate mousse powder
1L milk
Mix and beat for 5 mintues
400g Callebaut dark chocolate Select 811 Melt and fold the chocolate carefully in the mousse. Leave to cool

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