Callebaut’s gianduja’s and hazelnut creams combine fineness and convenience. These mixtures of chocolate and hazelnut paste are ready to use: just cut them or beat them into an aerated filling. They are also perfect for flavouring crèmes, bavarois, pastry interiors,… Gianduja’s contain around 30% hazelnuts and 70% milk or dark chocolate. The hazelnut creams contain around 40% hazelnuts and 60% milk or dark chocolate, and are therefore slightly softer in texture and paler in colour. Both gianduja’s and hazelnut creams make a great filling in moulded pralines or can be enrobed after cutting.


Description Name Reference % Nuts Packaging
Dark Gianduja Nut filling GIA-D2-144 30 % hazelnuts 5 kg block
Milk Gianduja Nut filling GIA-145 20 % hazelnuts 5 kg block

Shelf life: 18 months after production date

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