Cocoa Powder

Callebaut offers a selection of high-quality semi-finished products that can be used as ingredients for many different applications. They are based on our selection of the finest cocoa beans that we roast, break and process into premium quality cocoa mass, cocoa butter or cocoa powder. They are differentiating products for the professional who wants to create, starting from absolute purity. They are great too for the professional who wants to customise the taste, liquidity or intensity of his chocolate.

Cocoa Products (copy)

Cocoa products
Description Name Reference Packaging
Cocoa liquor Cocoa liquor CM-CAL Block - 5 kg
Callets™ - 2.5 kg bag
Cocoa powder Cocoa powder CP 1 kg and 5 kg bag

Shelf life: 24 months after production date / Mycryo 12 months after production date

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