Ground Chocolate

Callebaut Ground Chocolate is 100% Belgian chocolate, low processed for a full-bodied, brutal taste. Perfectly soluble in hot dairy and non-dairy milks, Callebaut Ground Chocolate combines the wealth of authentic and overwhelming chocolate taste with great convenience in serving for busy bars and baristas.

Ground chocolate for drinks


Ground dark chocolate
The solid, rich taste of 100% dark chocolate. One cup a day contains enough cocoa flavanols - naturally preserved through very delicate processing of the cocoa beans - to lift our spirits with a boost of happiness and positive energy.

Order code: CHD-X5226P-X71
Packaging: 1 kg container

Ground white chocolate
Brings a rich and creamy taste and an immediate sense of wellbeing. Ideal for white mocchas.

Order code: CHW-X2929P-X71
Packaging: 1 kg container

The chocolate ritual that consumers melt for


Dose 2 spoons (or 50g) of Ground Dark or White Chocolate in a pitcher
Add 200 ml of cold whole milk (+- 4°C).

Flush the steam wand above the grill.
Steam up to 72°C, until frothy and foamy
Serve and finish to the taste.


Tip: you can serve this drink cold too. Just pour the hot chocolate in a glass filled with ice cubes. Deliciously refreshing!

Support cocoa farmers

By choosing Ground Chocolate you give back to local cocoa farmers and sustainable cocoa cultivation. The beans for these chocolates are purchased directly from West African cocoa farming cooperatives, guaranteeing a fair price for the cocoa farmer. Farmer training programmes and farmer schools support them in growing better and more profitable cocoa crops - and enthuse new generations of cocoa farmers.

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