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Date Country Topic
01-06-2010 United States Barry Callebaut Sees Huge Growth in Brazil as Plant Opens
08-09-2010 United States Barry Callebaut Optimizes Dairy-Free Milk Chocolate Alternative
07-05-2009 United States Barry Callebaut Offers 'Chocolate Gifts for Mom'
18-05-2009 United States Barry Callebaut Introduces ProBenefit
22-09-2010 United States Stranger Than Fiction
28-07-2010 United States Sprinkles Cupcakes Uses Barry Callebaut Chocolate
11-02-2010 United States Plan A Great Dessert for Your Valentine
01-04-2010 United States Pastry Decoration: Crispearls
08-09-2010 United States Newsmakers
21-04-2009 United States New Chocolate Products with Real Fruit Powders
06-10-2010 United States Las Vegas Pastry Chef Named US National Chocolate Master
01-09-2010 United States Impact of Ingredients on Chocolate Flavor
20-04-2010 United States I.B.I.E To Host US Qualifier for World Chocolate Masters
01-12-2009 United States Holiday Classes at the Chicago CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center
01-10-2009 United States Halloween Chocolate Class at the Chicago CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center
19-02-2010 United States Good Taste in Fashion
18-04-2010 United States From Bean to Bar: Taste Chocolate at CIA
17-02-2010 United States Food 411: Chocolate for Mom
14-05-2010 United States Follow the World of the Finest Belgian Chocolate at the World Expo in Shanghai
01-11-2009 United States Fall Chocolate Centerpiece Class at CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center
24-03-2010 United States Dallas Morning News: What The Doctor Ordered
16-02-2010 United States Cuckoo For Cold Cocoa
16-03-2010 United States Crispearls Feature in Food Business News
22-09-2010 United States Crispearls
20-05-2010 United States Chocolate Taps Into Healthier Living
27-09-2010 United States Chocolate Market Growth
01-03-2010 United States Chocolate Inclusions
04-06-2010 United States Chocolate Flavanols Slow Aging, Improve Blood Flow, Limit Strokes
21-04-2010 United States Chocoholics Unite
20-05-2010 United States Check Out Line: More Chocolate, Less Wrinkles
21-05-2010 United States Can Chocolate Fight Aging and Make Your Skin Glow?
18-05-2010 United States Callebaut in Desserts at Matthew's
01-06-2010 United States Barry Callebaut's New Chocolate Bar Claims to Reduce Wrinkles, Slow Aging
01-03-2010 United States Barry Callebaut Introduces Cripearls™
20-08-2009 United States Barry Callebaut Introduces Chocolate Masters
17-01-2010 United States Barry Callebaut Introduces Callebaut Retail Packs
08-09-2010 United States Barry Callebaut Creates New Milk Chocolate Alternatives for Dairy Allergy Sufferers
17-02-2010 United States Add Texture and Color with Crispearls
15-09-2010 United States Barry Callebaut and Kraft Foods Sign Global Supply Agreement
20-03-2010 United States The Nibble: Callebaut Belgian Chocolate for Baking
17-05-2010 United States Taste Test: Chocolate Ice Cream
10-11-2010 United Kingdom Switching to Fairtrade chocolate is the easiest thing in the world
31-01-2006 United Kingdom Callebaut presents a great new product for bakery products: Chocolate Chunks!
13-10-2011 United Kingdom Up-date on legislation and technical sheets
25-03-2014 United Kingdom Callebaut proudly presents its new Chocolate Ambassadors
07-06-2011 United Kingdom WorldSkills London 2011
23-08-2007 United Kingdom No one will resist the Callets sensation now!
13-12-2010 United Kingdom New rules for the labelling of flavourings
19-06-2006 United Kingdom Callebaut presents Finest Selection
10-04-2006 United Kingdom Pure seduction!
01-07-2006 United Kingdom Callebaut introduces Natural Vanilla for all its chocolates
22-10-2007 United Kingdom Naomi Mizuno of Japan is crowned World Chocolate Master of 2007
18-01-2011 United Kingdom Callebaut voted 'Best Chocolate' in Chefs Choice Awards 2011
03-08-2007 United Kingdom Mycryo® wins praise from top chefs
07-10-2011 United Kingdom Worlds most expensive dessert - £22,000!!
30-08-2010 United Kingdom Natural Vanilla Ingredients' Labelling
08-03-2012 Spain Callebaut conquista el Fórum Gastronómico de Santiago
01-04-2011 Spain Callebaut en Intersicop
22-10-2007 Spain Naomi mizuno, de Japón ha sido galardonado con el Trofeo del World Chocolate Masters 2007
18-11-2008 Spain World Chocolate Masters: finales nacionales dedicadas a la “Alta costura”
11-07-2008 Spain World Chocolate Masters: selecciones nacionales dedicadas a la los accesorios para la Alta Costura.
27-03-2008 Poland Callebaut exhibition booth wins award at “Eurogastro” fair in Poland
30-05-2008 Nederland Opening Nederlandse CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre in Zundert
18-02-2016 Nederland Callebaut’s Ground Chocolate wint ‘Beste Introductie 2015’
22-10-2007 Italy Naomi mizuno, da Giappone, si aggiudica brillantemente il Premio di World Chocolate Masters 2007
20-09-2015 Italy Artisti e cioccolatieri belgi liberano la creatività all'Expo di Milano
21-10-2015 Italy I must-have per questo Natale: Callebaut® Xmas Puzzle
02-05-2011 Italy Dal paese del Sol Levante al cuore del Piemonte
30-10-2008 Italy Big Chocolate Show, la lavorazione del cioccolato diventa spettacolo
23-09-2015 Hungary Callebaut®’s Beanology™ story from cocoa bean to chocolate presented in Hungary
15-07-2008 Germany Barry Callebaut bringt die Haute Couture der Schokolade nach Köln
17-10-2008 Germany German Chocolate Masters – Das Thema Haute
24-06-2009 Germany Unterstützen Sie Michaela Karg und Christian Schaberreiter
29-02-2008 Germany Werde jetzt German Chocolate Master!
10-09-2007 Germany Die neuen Callets™ sensation von Callebaut sind natürlich geformt & glänzend wie Perlen
18-09-2007 Germany Callebaut präsentiert 'Finest Selection'
24-11-2008 Germany German Chocolate Master 2008-09 & Junior Chocolate Master, 20.-23. 11.2008
08-06-2010 Germany Interview mit Michaela Karg
14-09-2010 Germany Eine perfekte Kombination
16-09-2010 Germany Schokoladenkreationen auf höchstem Niveau
09-04-2011 Germany Callebaut unterstützt Initiative für krebskranke Kinder
16-05-2011 Germany Das Auge genießt mit, Dekoratives aus aller Welt lockt an
12-07-2011 Germany Im Gespräch mit Jana Ristau, einer wahren Meisterin der Schokolade
03-10-2009 Germany Ein glücklicher Gewinner
18-09-2007 Germany Callebaut präsentiert verblüffende Ideen für die effiziente Dessertzubereitung
16-10-2008 Germany Mycryo® beschert der modernen Profiküche perfekte Ergebnisse
04-10-2012 Germany Kreative Weihnachtsrezepte aus der Kooperation der Fachschule Lebensmitteltechnik Hannover und Callebaut
01-12-2013 Germany Feinste Belgische Schokolade zum Einrühren in heiße Milch - Promotion
04-02-2015 Germany Chocolate Academy Center in Köln eröffnet
17-03-2015 Germany Kurs im Chocolate Academy Center: Feine Backwaren mal anders
06-07-2016 Germany Callebaut & Cocoa Horizons: Gemeinsam Kakaobauern unterstützen
12-07-2011 Germany Die Faire Woche
14-06-2010 France 50 chocolatiers français réunis en Belgique pour participer à la journée de l’innovation Callebaut
22-10-2007 France Le candidat japonais, Naomi mizuno, remporte avec brio le Trophée du World Chocolate Masters 2007
07-04-2008 France The new Callebaut products seen at Europain
06-09-2007 France Finest Selection
06-09-2007 France Callets™ Sensation
30-03-2008 France Callebaut®’s Callets™ Sensation wins “Ruban Bleu” award
15-04-2015 Czech Republic Tajemství perfektní zmrzliny
14-05-2016 Czech Republic Podporujeme Férové snídaně
06-10-2015 Czech Republic Finále 3. ročníku soutěže CALLEBAUT CUP 2015 je za námi a již známe výsledky!
18-09-2014 Canada The Chocolate Academy™ center is now in Montreal
18-09-2014 Canada L’Académie du Chocolat™ s’installe à Montréal
01-06-2011 Brasil Callebaut en de drie andere gourmet merken bezoeken cacao plantages in Brazilië met 95 chefs
04-05-2015 Brasil Beats and Beans: Callebaut® soaks Tomorrowland Brasil in chocolate
23-07-2008 Belgium Nog een 30-tal dagen alvorens het Belgisch team vertrekt naar World Pastry Team Championship 2008
24-01-2012 Belgium Geert Van Hecke erkend als ere-ambassadeur bij Callebaut
13-07-2011 Belgium TREND: Trends: what customers expect from their bakers...
01-06-2011 Belgium Belgische chocolatiers opnieuw aan het werk tijdens 'Xie-Xie Shanghai'
09-03-2011 Belgium TREND: Praliné: self-made or
08-02-2011 Belgium La Praline, poésie par Grand'ry Marilyse
03-06-2010 Belgium Callebaut brengt Shanghai naar Culinaria
10-05-2010 Belgium Barry Callebaut voor eerlijke handel
01-04-2010 Belgium Grootste taart ter wereld onthuld in Antwerpen
01-03-2010 Belgium Een beter leven voor de cacaoboeren in West-Afrika
15-10-2010 Belgium Lekkers bij Bongo met de nieuwe Bongo Passie voor Chocolade
09-04-2008 Belgium Belgen zijn de meest fervente chocoladeliefhebbers van Europa
07-04-2008 Belgium Callebaut stuurt het Belgisch team naar World Pastry Team Championship 2008
20-03-2008 Belgium Jean Pierre Wybauw gelauwerd voor zijn boeken
14-05-2009 Belgium Meer dan 80 Belgische chocolatiers pakken in 10 minuten uit met meer dan 10.000 artisanale pralines
26-10-2007 Belgium Naomi Mizuno of Naomi mizuno, van japan wint met glans de Trofee van World Chocolate Masters 2007
23-06-2011 Belgium Callebaut celebrates 100 years of making fine Belgian chocolate
12-07-2016 Belgium Callebaut® injecteert Tomorrowland met chocolade Belgitude
27-07-2015 Belgium Callebaut infused Tomorrowland with the scent of freshly roasted cocoa beans
09-07-2014 Belgium Callebaut® creates a Belgian chocolate experience at Tomorrowland
03-10-2012 Belgium Dimitri Salmon is Belgian Chocolate Master
13-07-2011 Belgium TREND: All Dessert Dinners
15-03-2011 Belgium Chefs Summit 2011
09-03-2011 Belgium TREND: Espumas elevate your creations to a higher level
14-12-2010 Belgium TREND: Maak indruk met een persoonlijke decoratie op uw dessertbord
16-11-2010 Belgium Leerlingen winnen met streekgerecht ‘Beste Kookklas van Vlaanderen’
09-11-2010 Belgium ’t Aards Paradijs is uitgeroepen tot Beste Benelux Groenterestaurant 2011
08-10-2010 Belgium Peter Goossens treedt toe tot de Callebaut Ambassadeurs Club
18-05-2010 Belgium Vijf kandidaten voor Belgian Chocolate Masters zijn geselecteerd
17-05-2010 Belgium TREND: Mini dessert glasses prove popular with gourmets
18-05-2009 Belgium Ryan Stevenson wint de Belgische preselectie van de World Chocolate Masters
12-01-2009 Austria 'Patisserie Grand Prix der Schokoladenkunst 2009'
14-02-2008 Austria and the winner is … Austrian Chocolate Master 2008
12-01-2009 Austria and the winner is … Austrian Chocolate Master 2009
03-01-2013 Austria Promotion : Edle Verpackungen für unwiderstehliche Pralinen!
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