Claim 'supports sustainably grown cocoa' on your own chocolate creations

More and more consumers expect transparency and authenticity. They want to know where their food products come from, as well as the story behind it. In fact today, one consumer of two wants to know that sourcing and processing have been done according to green, fair and ethical standards.

Choosing Callebaut® Finest Belgian Chocolate is a great choice. Not only does it still have its great taste and legendary workability, but you can now also offer a sustainable guarantee to your customers. You can tell them that with your chocolate you directly support farmers and sustainably cultivated cocoa beans!

Let your products talk: show it with a sticker or label
For your creations made with Callebaut® Finest Belgian Chocolate you can now add a sticker or an insert on the packaging, stating: 'Our chocolate supports cocoa farmers and sustainable cocoa cultivation' or ‘Supports sustainably grown cocoa'.

It's the claim many of your customers will be looking for.

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