• Growing quality of life

    Improving access to education and healthcare

Growing quality of life

"Since our kids attend school, they learn a lot. They are getting ready for doing great things in their lives."

Martine Boni Tia - Cocoa farmer and mom


One of the focuses of the Growing Great Chocolate™ program is to improve access to education and basic healthcare in cocoa farming communities in West Africa. There is often a shortage of adequate schools, qualified teachers, medical facilities and supplies, clean water and energy sources.

Callebaut®’s Growing Great Chocolate™ directly supports the corporate social responsible program Quality Cocoa for a Better Life. This program assists cooperatives to meet some of the basic health care needs of their farmer members. It sponsors and distributes mosquito nets throughout the year, co-organises the distribution of medical kits to cocoa farmers and sponsor vaccination campaigns in several cocoa growing communities.

As remote farming communities in West Africa often lack sufficient schools and qualified teachers, we understand the importance of schooling the children of cocoa farmers. The program supports the organisation of training activities and sensitisation activities to raise awareness among farmers and coop representatives about the issue of child labour.

The corporate social responsibility program that is directly supported by Callebaut®, inaugurated a new secondary school in 2009. With the support of other partners, the centere also developed into a community learning centre to benefit hundreds more of all ages. In 2010 two rural school construction projects were initiated, in close partnership with two cooperatives and the local authorities. The schools opened up in 2011 and 2012.

This is only the start. It is our long-term goal to support participating cooperatives in building primary schools in cocoa farming communities that don’t have their own. Every professional who works with Callebaut®’s Finest Belgian Chocolate automatically supports this program and contributes to sustainable cocoa cultivation today and tomorrow.

"The program allows us to distribute mosquito nets and school kits among farmer families."

Claude Yapo Seka - Cacoa farmer and COOPAF former general secretary

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