• Expert grinding and conching

Expert grinding and conching

Thanks to extremely fine mixing and grinding of our selected ingredients – sugar, cocoa mass (and milk in the case of milk chocolate) – we promise you the fineness for which your Finest Belgian Chocolate is renown. In fact, each particle of chocolate is ground finer than the distance between the human taste buds. This guarantees the velvety taste texture of Finest Belgian Chocolate. This fineness is also highly important during conching, the careful kneading of chocolate dough for hours at high temperature. Patient conching makes the undesired acidic flavours evaporate and blends all the remaining flavours together into the great balanced taste typical of the Finest Belgian Chocolate.


In the conches, the chocolate is then finished with pure cocoa butter and natural vanilla to round off the balanced taste. The right amount of cocoa butter is mixed in to create the right fluidity of your chocolate. This gives it the legendary workability that our customers have relied on ever since 1911.

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