• Dedicated expertise from bean to chocolate

Dedicated expertise from bean to chocolate

The great taste and workability of your Finest Belgian Chocolate means everything to us. For the past 100 years, we’ve spent more time than any other Belgian chocolate maker in learning everything there is to know about chocolate making.
You probably experience the result every time you work with Callebaut’s® Finest Belgian Chocolate. When you melt, temper, mould and cool this chocolate, it delivers you the perfect end result demanding professionals expect. When you work it, mix it, create with it, you get the great taste your customers love so much.
And that’s because we care about every detail in each step from bean to chocolate. It’s what we call dedicated expertise from bean to chocolate: in local selection and sourcing cocoa beans, in blending and roasting the beans, and in refining and conching the chocolate.

Dedicated expertise from bean to chocolate
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