Change becomes visible

Your choice for Callebaut® Finest Belgian Chocolate truly makes a change today for 25.000 farmers in West Africa. And this is just a start, since many ten thousands of farmers and many communities are involved in cocoa farming - facing the challenges that may drive them away from future cocoa farming. Our aim is to scale the impact of your and our support, and drive change further.

This is what we achieved together:

  • Training and guiding farmers to grow more and better cocoa crops
  • Better crops yields generate higher farmer income
  • 600 farmer field schools trained around 25,000 cocoa farmers in good agricultural practices & social practices*
  • 1665 children of farmers in 18 different cooperatives received school kits*
  • 10 new water wells provide clean water to 1055 children in schools and 4 farmer cooperatives**
  • 4663 mosquito nets have been distributed in 54 cooperatives**
  • 3389 farmers and/or their family members were given  vaccinations**
  • 10 primary schools were built in cocoa farming villages in Ivory Coast providing education to 1800 children*


  • 1 new rural primary school in Ivory Coast
  • 2 school extensions and rehabilitation of existing classrooms
  • 2 being renovated*

* Figures over the past 12 months
** Figures since 2007

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