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What makes Callebaut chocolate so unique?

Cocoa beans are selected, roasted and ground by Callebaut itself: a rarity among chocolate makers

Callebaut is one of the rare chocolate makers that still selects, roasts and grinds its own cocoa beans. Thanks to our special connections with the cocoa growers, we have access to the best cocoa beans for every single one of our chocolate recipes. We’re proud too to be one of the few chocolate makers that roasts the cocoa beans itself. Furthermore, the beans are roasted in their entire shell, to protect them and keep in all the aromas and subtleties. This yields a more intense, more complex and deeper cocoa flavour. A flavour that you will recognise in every classic Callebaut couverture chocolate.


The finesse of your craftsmanship demands the finest chocolate

Callebaut grinds all the ingredients extremely fine – much finer than most other chocolate makers. This fineness yields such tiny particles that they can never be sensed individually by the tongue or taste buds. The ingredients are then conched with the same precision and patience until the texture, aroma, taste and flavours are almost ready. Adding pure cocoa butter and a dash of natural vanilla rounds off the taste and texture of the chocolate. It’s at this moment that all ingredients become one and melt together on the tongue. It’s at this precious moment that the chocolate merits its stamp of quality and authenticity as “Callebaut Finest Belgian”.


Your creativity and productivity deserve chocolates you can rely on. Today. Tomorrow. Always.

Over the generations, from father to son, our oldest customers have found that the taste, the workability and the quality of Callebaut couvertures never change. There is never any need to add cocoa butter or cocoa liquor. Callebaut chocolate couvertures remain consistent and reliable. And they always will. Callebaut guarantees chocolates that enable you to work quickly and efficiently; chocolate in Callets™ for instance that can be processed faster than any other chocolate and allow you to achieve excellent end results. This promise lies embedded in the genes of Callebaut – and in every Finest Belgian Chocolate.


From cocoa bean to chocolate: Callebaut’s Finest Belgian Chocolates are produced with 100% Belgian craftsmanship.

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