Useful Information

Useful information

In this brochure, we give answers to the following questions:
* How to store chocolate and why.
* How to melt chocolate.
* How to temper chocolate. What is tempering for?
* What is the ideal temperature for workshops, moulds and fillings?
* How to cool chocolate.
* How to store finished products.

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Finest Belgian Chocolate
We're proud to offer you the Finest Belgian Chocolate

You go to the utmost in creativity and craftsmanship, we go to the same lengths for our chocolate.
To contribute to your success, we guarantee chocolates that meet your expectations - always.
The finesse of your craftsmanship, marks the fineness of our chocolate.

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Finest Belgian Chocolate
A guide to the perfect dark chocolate couverture

"When meeting colleague-professionals all over the world, I am often asked the question: "which dark chocolate couvertures are the perfect choice for me?" Let me try to guide you in selecting the most suitable ones. Or better: let me try to point the direction, since selecting the appropriate chocolate is a question of taste in the first place." (Jean-Pierre Wybauw - Callebaut Technical Advisor)

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Finest Belgian Chocolate
A guide to the perfect milk chocolate couverture

"What is the best milk chocolate couverture?" "What are its possibilities?" or "How does it taste when processed in desserts or confectionery? There are some simple guidelines for selecting the perfect ones for your creations." (Philippe Vancayseele - Callebaut Technical Advisor)

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Finest Belgian Chocolate
A guide to the perfect white chocolate couverture

"Callebaut offers an extended choice of white chocolate couvertures, all different in taste and liquidity. Working with Callebaut couvertures will give you lots of inspiration and fulfilment... and compliments from your customers. After all, isn't that the biggest reward imaginable?" (Alexandre Bourdeaux - Callebaut Technical Advisor)

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Callebaut offers you a true bouquet

Callebaut’s chocolates are not only the result of a great tradition, but also the fruit of nature’s best. In each of our chocolates you can taste the finest grades of cocoa beans, a select choice of ingredients and 100% pure cocoa butter. Today, Callebaut takes its chocolates even a step beyond…

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Tempering chocolate has never been easier!

Tempering chocolate is a necessary step in creating the ideal chocolate products.
* It makes it easier to un-mould chocolate, pralines… (with maximum shrinkage).
* It gives your chocolate a hard, shiny surface with a uniform colour (no lines, no grey colour). In short: chocolate that looks tasty and snaps when you break it.
* It creates excellent chocolate with a very fine crystallisation structure instead of a granular texture.
However, tempering chocolate by the traditional method is a rather complicated process.

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