Thanks to its stunning taste, chocolate has become one of the favorite treats of a huge number of consumers. It evokes emotional values: enjoyment, indulgence and taste.

Many people have believed – since ancient times – that cocoa and chocolate have aphrodisiac powers, stimulating one’s love life. Is this a myth? Then what about the tales of Casanova and the Marquis De Sade who consumed chocolate in large amounts and offered the food of the gods to their female fan club to sharpen their appetite? Well, it’s fun to believe it is so, yet it seems there is no hard scientific proof for this.

Chocolate is not addictive, in the sense that it does not contain addictive substances. But chocoholics do exist though, don’t they? They do, but in quite a harmless way. Consuming chocolate is not merely overwhelming in taste, to some people it also has a comforting, positive psychological effect. An effect that pleases a lot of people, just like the thrill of reading a good book, filling in crosswords or watching a good movie.

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