• “Growing Great Chocolate™ supports cocoa farmers and their families”

    Jean-Philippe Darcis – Chef and owner of Darcis

Jean-Philippe Darcis

Jean-Philippe Darcis is one of Belgium’s finest pastry chefs, confectioners and créateurs, all in one. He is renowned for his dedication to chocolate and his incredible take on macaroons. But Jean-Philippe Darcis is also a man of great ideas and ambitions. He’s opening a new boutique in Brussels, is expanding his business in Asia and thinks sustainable is the future. His visits to the plantations and his conversations with local farmers have taught him that farmers have to work hard to achieve great yields. Add that to poor living standards and Jean-Philippe is the first one to understand how growing quality cocoa can change the lives of cocoa farmers.

Together with his chef Sébastien Trudelle, he reinterprets the Forêt Noire with Callebaut®’s 811. He turns this classic chocolate pastry into a modern delight and gives it a dramatic make-over.
Let his talent speak for itself and find out why he thinks sustainable is the future.

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