Download the Calletizer™ app for your smartphone and tell the world you’re growing great chocolate™

A great choice!
By choosing Callebaut®’s Finest Belgian Chocolate, you opt for sustainably grown cocoa. That’s great for the cocoa farmers who grow the high quality cocoa beans for your chocolate. And that’s great for your customers – since you offer them guarantees of great taste and a transparently sourced product.

Tell your customers about it!
Callebaut® helps you to spread the word and tell your customers. How? With the Calletizer™! This great app turns your pictures into Callets™ and allows you to share your personalised messages on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also view the gallery, download your personalised poster or paste your message into your emails.

Try the Calletizer™ here on this website or download this free app on your smartphone.

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