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The basics of working with chocolate

Choosing the liquidity of your chocolate

What is liquidity? What are the differences and how can you recognize them?

Why pre-crystallize chocolate?

Looking for a hard,crunchy & glossy finished product? Then you need to pre-crystallize your chocolate!

Why is it not sufficient to melt chocolate?

When working with melted chocolate you will not obtain a perfect result.

Pre-crystallizing in the melting pot

How to rapidly and efficiently pre-crystallize chocolate with Callets™.

Pre-crystallization in the microwave

Ideal when you only need a small quantity of chocolate.

Pre-crystallization in the tempering machine

Ideal when you require large quantities of choco- late. Here too Callets™ are the ideal solution.

Pre-crystallization on your work table

The most classic way to pre-crystallize chocolate. How does it work? What to look out for?

Is chocolate undercrystallized?

In case of an insufficient quantity of stable crystals, your final product will display defects!

Is chocolate overcrystallized?

Working with chocolate that contains too many crystals will also cause problems.

Moulded pralines

Perfect moulded pralines

How do you recognize perfect moulded pralines? Jean-Pierre Wybauw explains.

Which chocolate and which moulds for pralines?

Which liquidity should you choose? Which moulds give the best result?

Moulded pralines, step by step

The pre-crystallized chocolate is ready. Now let's start making moulded pralines: step by step.

Filling moulded pralines

Which fillings are ideal and what do you need to look out for when filling your pralines?

Sealing and cooling moulded pralines

Sealing moulded pralines without leaks: what to look out for when cooling and unmoulding them?

Dipped pralines

Perfect dipped pralines

You can be very creative about the finish of dipped pralines. How can you recognize perfection?

Which chocolate and which fillings?

Not every chocolate is suited for dipped pralines. Which should you choose and why?

Dipped pralines, step by step

What should you look out for when enrobing? Step by step, from the filling to the perfect dipped praline.

Hollow figures

Perfect hollow figures

How do you recognize perfect hollow figures, from their lustre to the thickness of the shell.

Chocolate and moulds for hollow figures

Which liquidity should you choose? Always in relation to the size of the hollow figures!

Hollow figures, step by step

From pre-crystallized chocolate to perfect hollow figures: a step by step approach.

Assembling hollow figures

What should you look out for when assembling hollow figures into a perfectly sealed figurine?


Storing chocolate products

A bad storage of chocolate will result in defects in your finished products. Which rules should you follow?

Fatbloom and Sugarbloom

Preventing fatbloom

How to prevent chocolate turning white-grey or slowing down this process?

Preventing sugarbloom

A rough, grainy, white eruption often points to sugarbloom. How can you prevent this?

The ideal chocolate for pastries

Chocolate with the ideal liquidity for pastries

What is liquidity? What are the differences and how can you recognise them?

Choosing the chocolate taste

How to choose from a wide range of chocolates, with flavours ranging from classic to highly aromatic.

Chocolate mousse for pastries

Perfect chocolate mousse for pastries

Aerated, intense, supple & yet firm enough. Or how to recognise the ideal choco- late mousse for pastries.

Chocolate mousse based on pâte à bombe

A classic recipe for perfect chocolate mousse with the ideal taste & texture that holds perfectly in pastries.

Bavarian based on crème anglaise

A different kind of mousse with a different taste & texture, yet equally perfect!

Callebaut’s ready-to-use Chocolate Mousse

Let your customers enjoy a true chocolate mousse full of flavour. You'll save time and get more compliments.

Perfect glazings

What makes a perfect glazing?

How to recognise a perfectly made and applied glazing.

Cocoa gel glazing based on cocoa powder

An easy recipe for a dark, glossy and impeccable cocoa gel glazing.

Real chocolate glazing

Here's the perfectly balanced recipe for chocolate glazings. Perfect taste, texture, gloss & cut.

How to apply a glazing on pastries?

All about the pastry and glazing temperature and how to get that glossy end result without air bubbles.

Perfect glazing in no time with ChocO’shine™

This ready-to-use chocolate glazing guarantees perfect looks, a deep gloss & a great taste.

Chocolate mixtures for the airbrush gun

Velvet effects with choco- late from the airbrush gun

How to recognise perfection in velvety airbrushed mixtures.

Preparing chocolate airbrush mixtures

Here's the perfectly balanced recipe for airbrush mixtures based on chocolate & cocoa butter.

Applying the airbrush mixtures on pastries

Everything you need to know about temperatures and more to successfully apply spray gun mixtures.

A velvet effect in bright colours

Velvet effects can be created in a myriad of colours. Here's how you can do it!

Shortbread pastry that remains crunchy

Shortbread pastry that remains crunchy

The perfect shortbread pastries… mmmmm lovely. At least if they remain crunchy!

Chocolate helps to keep shortbread pastry crunchy

Here's a quick chocolate recipe to keep shortbread pastry crunchy.

Applying chocolate to keep shortbread pastry crunchy

Everything you need to know to apply the chocolate mixture on the shortbread pastry.

Keep shortbread pastry crunchy with Mycryo™

Mycryo™ is a super fast and perfect solution to keep shortbread pastry crunchy. This is how.


Felix Alen invites you to...

Felix Alen, the chef of Hof te Rhode, will show us how he uses Mycryo®.

Mycryo®, a baking and cooking revolution

Felix Alen shows you how and why.

Mycryo®, an impenetrable second skin

Mycryo® encases raw in- gredients with an impene- trable layer, ensuring them to remain fresh and juicy.

Mycryo® is heat-proof.

This ensures that all ingre- dients retain their natural juices. Your guarantee for a perfect result.

Mycryo®, also for vegetables!

Mycryo® is also perfectly suited for crunchy, tasty vegetables, whether sautéed or in the wok.

Straight into the oven!

Prepare your appetizers beforehand and put them in the oven when you need to.

Mycryo® for outdoor cooking and barbecues

Much simpler, easier and healthier, thanks to Mycryo®.

A real innovation, a must in every kitchen

Felix Alen is convinced: Mycryo® is a real asset for any cook. 


Chocolate decorations

From chocolate cigars to curls: how to create popular chocolate decorations?

Chocolate ganache

Ganaches are the most versatile fillings. How to make them? What to look out for?

Gianduja mousse

A gianduja of chocolate and hazelnut: delicious in mousses. How to prepare it, step by step.

Chocolate sauce

How to prepare the best chocolate sauce for ice cream, profiteroles and other desserts?

Growing and harvesting cocoa

Growing and harvesting cocoa

We will take you to the heart of the equator: the tropical rain forest where cocoa grows and thrives.

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