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Moulded pralines

Moulded pralines display dull stains

Beautiful sheeny pralines and yet there are dull stains on the coating shell? Far from perfect.

Holes in the pralines

Did you notice holes in the chocolate? Especially in the corners and on sharp angles?

Pralines are difficult to unmould

Is the chocolate difficult to unmould? Even after tapping it loose repeatedly?

The pralines cannot be unmoulded

This is probably due to the way you prepared the chocolate.

Moulded pralines have not been properly sealed

The filling is visible here and there - causing untimely deterioration.

The chocolate in the mould will not harden

What if chocolate does not harden within 5 minutes? And still feels moist to the touch?

The chocolate in the mould hardens very slowly

If chocolate has only hardened after several hours, then something is wrong.

The chocolate sticks to the mould

If pieces of chocolate stick to the mould, the pralines cannot be sold.

The moulds are dirty and contain remnants

Remnants are transferred to newly poured chocolate products. How are moulds soiled?

Moulded pralines turn completely grey

If the chocolate turns grey after hours/days of being cooled, something went wrong while you used it.

Fingerprints on finished products

Fingerprints on chocolate products? Where do they come from even if you did not touch the chocolate?

Coating shell is too dense

According to the tricks of the trade, chocolate has to have a thin, crunchy coating shell.

Dipped pralines

The chocolate will not harden

What if the chocolate will not harden ? And still feels moist?

The chocolate hardens very slowly

Chocolate has only har- dened after a few hours? It should have hardened after just a few minutes.

There are air bubbles in the coating shell

There are air bubbles or holes in the coating shell and the shell looks rather dense.

Thickening or foot at the base

The base of dipped pralines is too heavy... Not according to the tricks of the trade.

Traces of the dipping fork

Can you see traces of the teeth of the dipping fork on the bottom or side of the dipped pralines?

Dipped pralines turn white after two days

Although the pralines looked good initially, they turn a white-greyish hue after two days.

Hollow figures

Hollow figures break while unmoulding them

If hollow figures break while unmoulding, then the coating shell is not sufficiently dense.

Hollow figures turn completely grey

If the chocolate turns grey after hours/days of being cooled, something went wrong while you used it.

Hollow figures cannot be unmoulded

Is it impossible to unmould chocolate? Then something went wrong while you used the chocolate.

Fatbloom and sugarbloom

White deposit, which disappears at the touch

This is known as fatbloom.

White grainy eruption

Does the white film feel coarse and grainy? Then this is sugarbloom.

Chocolate mousse for pastries

Chocolate mousse has a sandy texture, full of lumps

The perfect chocolate mousse should be firm and well-aerated. And it should melt on the tongue.

Chocolate mousse is too heavy and dense

If chocolate mousse is too dense and firm like a ganache, it is far too heavy for pastries.

The chocolate mousse is too soft

Chocolate mousse in pastries should be firm enough to carry other components.


The glazing on pastries doesn’t shine

What went wrong if the glazing on your pastries is completely matte?

The glazing shows tiny, matte spots

Glazing should look impeccably brilliant. What causes the appearance of tiny, matte spots?

The glazing shows air bubbles

A glazing should be slick, smooth and shiny. Air bubbles can have different causes.

The glazing is too rigid

Too rigid glazing structure causes the glazing to be too thick and messes up the pastries while cutting.

The glazing does not hold on pastries and slides off

A perfect glazing should hold on pastries for at least 2 days without sliding off.

Chocolate mixtures for the airbrush gun

The airbrush sprayed-on layer peels off

An airbrushed layer should be thin and beautifully distributed on the pastry surface without peeling off.

The airbrushed layer does not look velvety

The airbrushed chocolate or cocoa butter mixtures should look perfectly even, matte and velvety.

Shortbread pastry

Shortbread loses its crunchiness

What if your shortbread or sablé pastries are no longer crunchy?

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