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Callebaut®’s “Beanology™” story has grown into a source of inspiration for chefs all over the world. They are intrigued by the story around crafting steps from bean to chocolate and use it to create wonderful new recipes with flavours inspired by fermentation, sun drying, roasted flavours, etc.

In this Callebaut TV episode Chef Josep Ribé shows how the inspiration comes to life in the creation of 5 unique Beanology™ bonbons. He plays with cocoa pulp, fermented ingredients, roasted beans and much more to create his Beanology pralines. Each praline tells a part of the story – and immerses you in a wonderful taste experience.

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Watch Josep Maria Ribé’s recipe for the cocoa pulp praline. Fresh, fruity and exotic flavours play the lead role in a praline that looks bright and shiny, and tastes like a freshly plucked cocoa fruit.

When cocoa beans are roasted, all their flavours are awakened. This has inspired Callebaut® chef Josep Maria Ribé to make a praline that recreates the same experience. Made with roasted malt, roasted hazelnuts and roasted cocoa nibs, this praline will make you feel like you’re amidst the cocoa roastery.

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