Style Rebellion

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Do you feel it too? Young generations of consumers are sending out fresh vibrations into the world, questioning the classic ideas of beauty and looking for totally new style concepts. Their world is about loud colours, clashing textures and recycling known symbols into a new wave of aesthetics. What’s more, they embrace ugliness as a way to create new forms of beauty. Artisan pastry chefs can draw tonnes of recipe inspiration from this new Style Rebellion trend. 

What does Style Rebellion mean for your sweet and chocolate delights? Callebaut® chef Philippe Vancayseele takes you underground in a fascinating fusion between street art and pastry making. The end result? Chocolate delights that are definitely surprising and code-breaking. What do you think?

Watch the recipe clips

Is it a tablet? Is it a praline? Or is it both? Callebaut® chef Philippe Vancayseele shows you how tocombine leftover transfer sheets to create a smashing visual effect on pralines. And yes, the pralines actually stick together – a code-breaking idea for creating chocolate delights to share.

Style Rebellion is very often expressed in an array of unconventional colours and textures. “Not only in art and fashion. It works in pastry too”, says Callebaut® chef Philippe Vancayseele. Ready to watch Philippe’s take on the Style Rebellion trend for pastries?

Street art and pop art are often the starting points for Style Rebellion. In this clip, you’ll explore a fusion between graffiti artists and witness how Callebaut® chef Philippe Vancayseele gives his view on the Style Rebel’s chocolate slab, featuring walnuts, chocolate crisp… and a hammer. Multi-textured. Multi-coloured. Maxi delicious.

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