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Why your customers would prefer their chocolate ‘Slowcial’?

Disconnect from smartphone or tablet for a while. Take some time out for yourself and true experiences. That’s what ‘Slowcial’ is all about. Slower, better and nicer: a trend which consumers will embrace more in the years ahead of us.

What would Slowcial mean for your sweet and chocolate delights? Alexandre shows his take with the Slowcial Box. A dessert experience box with a surprising content for friends to compose their own chocolate desserts.

Get into the Slowcial trend and take some time out to enjoy this Callebaut TV episode! 

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Why not putting a Slowcial Box on the menu? Alexandre explains how this new ‘make your own dessert’ concept creates vivid conversation around the table. It’s all about sharing and creating.

Recipe – A perfect chocolate sauce recipe you can store for a few days in the fridge. A pistacchio crémeux that brings colour and taste to your desserts and pastries. And a dark chocolate crémeux with Madagscar. Three delicious recipes to fill up the Slowcial box.

Recipe – Every dessert deserves its crunch. Discover Alexandre’s recipe for chocolate and hazelnut crumble – great for a perfect bite. And to fill your Slowcial Box with another surprise: here’s the way to the perfect chocolate chantilly.

Time for action. Alexandre invites some friends over and presents his ‘make your own dessert’ box. Find out how they respond to it... and how it sets the mood for vivid conversations.

Trendwatcher Tom Palmaerts shows us around Ghent to discover the Slowcial trend. Meet a barista who bans computers and laptops from his Panorama coffee bar. Is this the new concept of quality time?

A basement concept store, hidden away from the city buzz. One colour that dominates. And consumers who get urged to consume slowly. Discover how the Slowcial trend is about grounding – not about buying happiness at Rewind B.L.C.K.

The Slowcial trend is about doing things nicer, better, slower. No-one illustrates that better than artist Carll Cneut who builds up his hand drawn illustration layer per layer, like the old masters. With his ‘In my head’ exhibition, he invites people from all over the world to take time. Want to find your way inside the artist’s head and life?

Take your time, or take a hike. A bold statement – yet one applauded by the many guests that visit award winning cocktail bar Jiggers every night. Want to see their recipe for a successful Slowcial business?

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