Natural Sensing

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During the last decade, we have been living in a very visual world. Billboards, screens, videos and visual impulses have determined the way we experience our environment. But in the years to come, the trend among consumers is to reconnect with all other senses. They are looking for experiences they can see, feel, hear, smell, and taste. And nature is the inspiration. That is what the Natural Sensing trend is about: creating experiences that appeal to all our senses.

Food is a great way to do that. And chocolate offers endless sensing possibilities. Callebaut® chef Josep Maria Ribé shows us how his city Barcelona inspired him to create the Natural Sensing chocolate box. A box with four different chocolate dragées, inspired by the four landscapes that surround him. When you taste them, you can almost see, feel, hear, smell, and taste the sea, the city, the mountains, and the countryside.

Get ready for the second of four chocolate trends: natural sensing. Enjoy this Callebaut TV episode with all your senses.


Callebaut® chef Josep Maria Ribé shows us how to make a chocolate dragée inspired by the hills and mountains around Barcelona. Earthy notes of truffle and hazelnut create a unique, natural sensing experience. He uses the panning technique to create a unique look & feel.

When Josep Maria Ribé thinks of the city, he imagines the buzz of a crowded coffee bar and the scents of the spice market. Two great ingredients that make his chocolate dragée ‘city’. Watch the chocolate recipe step-by-step.

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