• Great chocolate stories

    Travel with us to Brazil, land of football and chocolate

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Brazil will be hot this summer. So why not getting a pre-taste now and find inspiration for your summer recipes? Callebaut TV takes you to Brazil where chef Alexandre meets Brazilian top chef Renata Arassiro. They explore the cocoa route to find the best Brazil has to offer. And they outbrave each other in an exciting street duel.

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Latin America. True cradle of cocoa. Chef Alexandre explores the virgin forest in Bahia, hoping to find cocoa of the best quality. But before he takes off, Chef Renata Arassiro takes him on a journey through the pastry and confectionery tradition in São Paolo. Watch their journey now.

Two chefs. Typical Brazilian and Belgian ingredients. Traditional Belgian and Brazilian recipes. A healthy dose of audacity and creative guts. And an audience in the streets. Witness an exciting street duel.

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