Decadent Caramel ''Apple'' (Celine Plano - Pastry Chef & Technical Advisor - Chocolate Academy Center Chicago)

Caramel Mousse

Ingredients Preparation
350g Callebaut Caramel Loaf
150g Whole Milk
Heat up the milk and pieces of the Callebaut Caramel Loaf to make sure they are all melted.
80g Egg Yolks Temper the egg yolks with warm caramel milk and proceed like and anglaise, cooking the cream to 185°F / 85°C.
84g Gelatin Mass (5:1 Ratio) Add the gelatin mass and cool down on an ice bath to +/- 110°F / +/- 43°C.
500g Whipped Cream Gently fold the whipped cream and mold into the desired silicon molds.

Caramelized Apples

Ingredients Preparation
1000g Granny Smith Apples Peel the apples and cut them into little cubes.
100g Granulated Sugar
2g Vanilla Beans
Make a dry caramel with the granulated sugar and add the vanilla beans.
-Add the pieces of apple and cook them until tender.
-Drain the juice and set aside.

Madeleine Biscuit

Ingredients Preparation
150g Confectioner Sugar
120g Whole Eggs
100g Whole Milk
12g Honey
In a mixer, whisk together the sugar, eggs, milk, and honey.
200g All Purpose Flour
20g Potato Starch
12g Baking Powder
5g Cinnamon Powder
Add the flour sifted with the baking powder, cinnamon, and potato starch in one addition and whip for 2 minutes.
110g Melted Butter Incorporate the lukewarm melted butter.
-Pour the mixture into a 1/2 sheet pan or silicon mat and bake at 350°F / 177°C for about 10 minutes.

Sable Cinnamon

Ingredients Preparation
180g Confectioner Sugar
70g Almond Flour
5g Cinnamon Powder
2g Fleur de Sel Salt
Mix the almond flour, sugar, salt, and cinnamon powder together.
300g Butter 83% Room Temp In the mixer with a paddle attachment, add the soft butter and mix well
120g Whole Eggs Add the eggs and mix slowly.
500g All Purpose Flour
Add the flour and mix on slow speed until homogeneous.
Refrigerate and sheet out to desired thickness. Cut as needed.
-Bake at 350°F / 177°C until golden brown.

Assembly: Yield of 20-25 portions. Using Sphere Silicon Molds, place a small amount of Caramel Mousse into the bottom of the mold. Place a few pieces of the Caramelized Apples in the mold and cover with a small ring of the Madeleine Biscuit. Cover the biscuit with a few pieces of the Caramelized Apples and top off the mold with the Caramel Mousse. Freeze for 4 hours before unmolding and glaze with a neutral glaze. Decorate as desired and place on top of a circle of Sable Cinnamon.

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