Caramel Orange Filling (Celine Plano - Pastry Chef & Technical Advisor - Chocolate Academy Center Chicago)

Ingredients Preparation
500g Callebaut Caramel Loaf
150g Heavy Cream
Heat up the cream and add chunks of the Callebaut Caramel Loaf until melted.
200g Fresh Orange Juice
20g Fresh Lemon Juice
2g Vanilla Beans
Add orange juice, lime juice, and vanilla beans to mixture.
Heat to 221°F / 105°C, stirring constantly.
20g Cointreau Liquor
15g Butter Clarified
8g Mycryo
Remove from heat, add liquor, butter, and Mycryo.
Emulsify with an immersion blender.
100 pieces Callebaut Dark Truffle Shells
100 pieces Lollipop Sticks
Cool emulsion to 84°F / 29°C, and pipe into Callebaut Dark Truffle Shells.
Close with tempered Callebaut 811NV and insert lollipop sticks and let fully crystallize overnight.
Callebaut 811NV
Callebaut Classic Coating
Coat with tempered Callebaut 811NV or Callebaut Classic Coating.

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