Mousses for patisserie and desserts

Mousses for patisserie and desserts:

Callebaut presents a new range of ready-to-use Dark, Milk and White Chocolate Mousses! Rich in Callebaut chocolate, their taste and texture are beyond any comparison: true and authentic, just like home made desserts! And imagine the gain of time they can offer you! Wouldn't it be perfect?

* Patisserie usually calls for a (chocolate) mousse with a prominent taste and a smooth, firm texture. The taste of even the thinnest layer of mousse must come through perfectly among the other components of a pastry. The best results are achieved with a cold-whipped pâte à bombe as the foundation (boil sugar syrup, pour over egg-yolks and beat cold to a white foam). You may then adjust the flavour with a selected chocolate, and finish with semi-whipped cream.

* For desserts on the other hand, an airy mousse based on egg white and beaten whipping cream is the usual option. These mousses are easier to handle (for example when forming 'scoops') and provide a light conclusion to a menu of several courses.

* Mousses based on white chocolate merit a special note: adding a little cream, work the white chocolate up into a ganache. Only then should you mix with the pâte à bombe (or beaten egg-white) and whipped cream. This method produces a mousse with a smooth homogenous texture that stiffens easily.

Which Callebaut products are best suited to the preparation of mousses?

1. Chocolate
The Callebaut range offers a diverse assortment of chocolates for the preparation of a varied palette of mousses, from bitter and semi-bitter to sweet and creamy in dark, milk and white. Every classic chocolate in the standard viscosity () is suitable. We advise a comparison of a range of different chocolates, taking account of your taste preferences and the other flavours in your recipe. It's a question of achieving a balanced and harmonious end result.

2. Something more adventurous
If you aim to produce mousses with a unique taste profile you can give your creativity free rein with our flavoured chocolates (honey, cappuccino or caramel) and coloured and flavoured coatings (strawberry, orange or lemon). Mousses can also be flavoured with gianduja chocolates and nut pastes (with hazelnut or almond).

3. Instant mousses
For the larger kitchen Callebaut developed a range of ready-to-use Dark, Milk and White chocolate mousses! Rich in Callebaut chocolate, their taste and texture are beyond any comparison: true and authentic, just like home made desserts! Ready in no time: just add milk, mix and put it in the fridge for 2 hours and it's ready to serve!

* See our product information pages on this website for further details. 
* If you are looking for recipes for mousse you will find numerous suggestions on the recipe pages. Click on Search using mousse, chocolate... as keywords.


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