Spraying / Airbrushing


* stainless steel plate or paper
* cocoa butter
* airbrush with compressor
* hollow figure at room temperature or deep freeze temperature

Step 1

Mix cocoa butter (50%) and milk or dark chocolate (50%) and let them melt at ±40°C. Mix well together. Allow to cool to 35°C before spraying. Put the mix into the airbrush container.
If you want to spray with a white chocolate, you need to change the proportions slightly: 60% white chocolate and 40% cocoa butter. White chocolate is always more fluid than the other types of chocolate.

Step 1
Step 2

Stick the hollow figure onto a chocolate 'foot' with tempered chocolate. If not, then use a receiver or holder to ensure that the figure remains fixed and stable while spraying. Put some paper or a stainless steel plate under the figure. During spraying the mixture can easily spread around.

Step 3

Spray from about 40 to 50cm away from the figure.

Step 3
Step 4

Are you spraying a hollow figure at room temperature? Then the cocoa butter-chocolate mixture spray will leave a light glazing layer.
Are you spraying a hollow figure at deep freeze temperature? Then the spray will leave a velvety finish.

Step 4
Stap 5

Leave to harden for half an hour or so. Be careful to avoid finger marks when you move the figure.

Which Callebaut products are best suited to this?

Cocoa butter Callebaut CB.

All coverings with a total fat content of 35% (cocoa butter and milk fat) are suitable.

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