Chocolate curls


* hard plastic foil
* crenellated rubber comb or plastic combscraper
* triangular palette knife
* tempered chocolate
* stainless steel plate furnished with paper

Step 1

Temper the melted chocolate and pour a portion on to the plastic foil.

Step 1 Step 1
Step 2

Spread the chocolate out evenly in a thin layer with the palette knife.

Step 2
Step 3

Push the plastic combscraper away from you through the chocolate layer so that the lines stand out. Are you using a crenellated rubber comb? Then make the movement in reverse: pull the comb through the chocolate towards you.

Step 3
Step 4

Next, scrape away the edges of the chocolate that flow over the edge of the foil with the palette knife.

Step 5

Lift up the plastic foil and give it a twist. Keep it in this position until the chocolate has hardened and the foil itself stays curled. Then allow the foil to harden still further (perhaps in the refrigerator). With the point of a knife carefully loosen the curled chocolate strips. Very attractive as decoration for patisserie or desserts.

Step 5 Step 5 Step 5
Which chocolates are best suited to these decorations?

All chocolates with a basic viscosity:
Any chocolate with a basic viscosity () will deliver outstanding results. They have the right fluidity to create decorations with a perfect thickness. Above all, these basic types are very easy to work with.
Do you want to create fine, filmy decorations? Then you should choose the chocolate types with a higher (2% to 3% more) cocoabutter content. You can identify these by the number 2 or 3 before the basic code ().


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