Origine bûche (Created by Alexandre Bourdeaux - Technical Advisor CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium)

Coco dacquoise

Ingredients Preparation
300 g castor sugar
100 g almond powder
200 g coco powder
375 g egg white
120 g granulated sugar
2 g tartar powder
Beat into snow and carefully mix in.
Bake for 15-20 min. at 180°C in a fan oven.

Crème brûlée with ginger

Ingredients Preparation
75 g milk
9 g fresh ginger (rasped)
Boil and leave to infuse.
175 g cream Mix in.
60 g egg yolks
45 g sugar
Mix and add.
Chinoise the mixture and pour into a Flexipan® bûche mould (ref. 01464).
Bake at 90°C in a fan oven. Leave to cool and then freeze.

Caramelised pineapple

Ingredients Preparation
70 g sugar caramel
165 g pineapple cubes
1 vanilla pod
6 g gelatine (moistened)
Pour over the crème brûlée in the bûche mould and freeze.

Madagascar ganache

Ingredients Preparation
190 g liquid cream
20 g sugar
50 g egg yolks
Boil at 85°C.
100 g Origine Chocolate Madagascar Add and smooth out.
Cover and leave to harden for one night.

Vanilla bavarois

Ingredients Preparation
260 g milk
95 g sugar
2 vanilla pods
80 g egg yolks
7.5 g powder cream
Boil into an anglaise sauce.
55 g cocoa butter Chinoise and add.
Allow to cool to 25°C.
500 g cream Mix in.

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