Cako (Created by Bart Van Cauwenberghe - Callebaut Ambassador Belgium)

Chocolate crunch

Ingredients Preparation
100 g hazelnut praliné Callebaut PRA-CLAS
75 g biscuit wafer pieces Callebaut M-7PAIL
25 g dark chocolate Callebaut Powerful 80-20-44NV
10 g ground coffee
Mix the ingredients, roll out thinly (2 mm) and cut according to the size of the mould.

Chocolate filling

Ingredients Preparation
350 g glucose
130 g cream
130 g cassis puree
2 g crushed juniper berries
Boil and pour through a sieve.
200 g dark chocolate Callebaut Powerful 80-20-44NV
150 g flavoured Callets™ Callebaut CAPPUCCINO
150 g milk chocolate Callebaut Select 823NV
Pour the cream-glucose mixture onto the chocolates, mix and allow to cool.

Finishing and presentation
Pipe some of the chocolate filling into the milk dish and lay the chocolate crunch in it. Continue to fill the mould with the rest of the chocolate filling. Once set, close off with Callebaut milk chocolate Select 823NV.

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