Green & Crisp (for 45 pieces) (Created by Philippe Vancayseele - Technical advisor - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium)


Ingredients Preparation
200 g glucose
300 g fondant sugar
Heat to a blond caramel.
250 g Callebaut® roasted hazelnut pieces NUN-PI-HA213-U11 Pre-heat and add.
8 g coriander
8 g caraway seed
Mix in.
Ground in a blender and sieve over a Silpat. Heat up and soften in the oven (150°C). Roll over lightly and cut into strips (1 cm).

Pistachio ganache

Ingredients Preparation
300 g cream
30 g sorbitol (powder)
Bring to the boil.
600 g white chocolate Callebaut Velvet CHW-R2241NV
40 g
Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and Mycryo® and mix well.
± 120 g pistachio paste Mix in.
Pre-crystallise the ganache to the desired texture.
Pipe the ganache onto the nougat strips. Leave to cool. Cut to the desired size. Dip into milk chocolate Callebaut Excellent 845NV or dark chocolate Callebaut Powerful 80% 80-20-44NV.

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