Cremino pistachio & red berries (Created by: Alexandre Bourdeaux, Technical Advisor Callebaut® at the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre in Belgium)

Cremino pistachio

Ingredients Preparation
425 g white chocolate Callebaut® W2NV
425 g pure pistachio paste Callebaut® NPO-PI1-T62
8 g Callebaut® Mycryo®
40 g dried fruit Sosa
Melt the chocolate (45°C) and mix with the pistachio
paste and the cocoa butter.
Temper at 24°C.
Mix in the dried fruits.
Pour in a frame (approx 1.2 cm thick layer) and leave to harden in the refrigerator.
After hardening, spread a thin layer of pre-crystallised
chocolate on the surface and leave to harden.
Cut the filling in squares with the guitar cutter.
Enrobe with pre-crystallised milk chocolate.
Decorate with pieces of dried raspberry.

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