Black & White (for 80 pieces) (Created by Philippe Vancayseele - Technical advisor - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium)

Raspberry ganache

Ingredients Preparation
125 g raspberry puree
30 g cream
30 g milk
45 g glucose
30 g sorbitol
Bring to the boil.
250 g melted dark chocolate Callebaut Powerful 80% 80-20-44NV
60 g melted milk chocolate Callebaut Select 823NV
Mix in and make a ganache.
Press into a frame that is 3 mm thick. Leave to cool.


Ingredients Preparation
150 g sugar
50 g dextrose
60 g water
Bring to the boil.
500 g glucose Add.
140 g mint puree
25 g gelatine powder
Soak the gelatine in the mint puree. Mix and add. Beat until well aerated.
Pour into a frame on top of the raspberry ganache. Cut using a guitar cutter (15x30 mm). Dip into milk chocolate Callebaut Select 823NV or dark chocolate Callebaut Origine Grenade.