Lola Cassis (Created by Axel Sachem - Callebaut Chocolate Ambassador Belgium)

Brownies (for a 40 x 60 cm tin)

Ingredients Preparation
180 g Callebaut dark chocolate 70-30-38NV
340 g butter
Melt together.
120 g egg yolks
300 g light brown sugar
Add and mix.
80 g flour
20 g Callebaut cocoa powder CP
Add and mix.
180 g egg whites Beat and blend in.

Bilberry or Cassis Mousse

Ingredients Preparation
1000 g bilberry or cassis pulp
360 g granulated sugar
180 g egg yolks
90 g pudding powder or corn starch
Heat and mix into a pastry cream.
150 g
200 g cream
Add after heating.
1000 g whipped cream Add at 28°C.
Pour into the Demarle Flexipan moulds (ref. 1054) and freeze.

Finishing and presentation
Pour the rest of the mousse into a tin (± 1 cm high). Place the brownies on top and freeze. Take the elements out of the Flexipan and tin and set on top of each other. Spray with a mixture of cocoa butter, white chocolate and purple fat-soluble colouring. Pour a bilberry jelly into the cavity. Finish with chocolate decoration and fruit.

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