Little Nocciola cream cake (Created by Frank Andelhofs - Hotel Métropole - Belgium)

Ingredients Preparation
peel of 1 blood orange
300 g Creme dell'Artigiano Nocciola
Grate the peel of a blood orange and mix.
3 blood oranges Peel and separate the segments, place them on kitchen paper to dry them. Place the segments in a small mould so as to cover the sides and leave a small free space in the centre which can be filled with the cream. Leave it to ice in the freezer for a few hours in order to make it easier to turn out from the mould.
3 g egg whites
180 g of sugar
Prepare a fresh meringue. Place a small mould on a small card and arrange the meringue all around with a piping bag. Glaze with a gas burner.

Finishing and presentation
You can finish it all off by garnishing with a zest of orange or a leaf of mint.

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