Crunchy orange-hazelnut truffle (Created by Alexandre Bourdeaux and Patrick Aubrion - Technical advisors - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium)

Ingredients Preparation
170 g fine hazelnut praline Callebaut® PRA-CLAS-660
30 g French biscuit crunch Callebaut® M-7PAIL
15 g orange powder
Dark chocolate truffle shells Callebaut® CHD-TS-13935
Refine the biscuit crunch and mix with the powder and praline. Fill the truffle shells with the praline.
15 g orange colour powder IBC F006751
200 g orange powder
Milk chocolate Callebaut® 823NV (pre-crystallised)
400 g roasted hazelnut pieces Callebaut® NUN-PI-HA213-U11
First mix the powders until the desired colour is obtained. Then mix in the hazelnut pieces and sieve through to remove excess colour powder. Enrobe the truffles with milk chocolate and then roll through the hazelnut pieces.

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