Large Madagascar blackberry (for 20 people) (Created by Lieven Lootens, Restaurant 't Aards Paradijs - Callebaut Ambassador Belgium)

Blackberry sorbet

Ingredients Preparation
200 g water
200 g sugar
Heat thoroughly together for a short while. Allow to cool.
100 g fresh blackberries Mash the blackberries together with the sugared water and strain. Rotate in the sorbetière.

Quince jelly, elderberries and blackberries

Ingredients Preparation
Quince Make quince jelly and allow to reduce to the desired thickness and colour.
250 g elderberry syrup
500 g water
6 g lota
Mix the elderberries and syrup with the water. Heat with the lota to 80°C.
Blackberry sauce
6 g lota
Mix the blackberry sauce with 6 g lota per litre and heat to 80°C.
50 g cream
50 g dark chocolate Callebaut Origin Madagascar
Work into a ganache.

De-segmented blackberries

Ingredients Preparation
Liquid nitrogen
Throw a few blackberries into liquid nitrogen. Place the berries between a towel and crack them with a pastry rolling pin to separate the individual drupes.
1 L raspberry sauce
6 g lota
Make a jelly from the raspberry sauce and lota.

Finishing and presentation 
Make small balls of blackberry sorbet and drop into the nitrogen. Plunge for 2 seconds into the raspberry sauce and roll straight away in the de-segmented blackberries. Present the large blackberries on a round plate with drops of jelly and small leaves made from sugar.


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